The Botanique is a place of wonder - a safe space in which we invite you to trust your journey,
connect to the divine, and bring intention into all areas of your life.

Step through the doors of the Botanique and into a sanctuary of healing, beauty, and wonder. Soak up your surroundings and allow the curiosity and awe to flow through your being. You won’t have to go beyond the entry to feel it: this venue is different. Here, we invite you to embrace the energy, bask in your own wonder, listen to the whispers of the divine, and experience a profound connection to the Sacred.

Our intentionally curated estate has been designed to provide a Seed to Soul experience. This begins with an awareness of how we regenerate the earth and our bodies for optimal wellness. We offer ancient ritual treatments, conscious retreats, educational experiences, and a wide variety of gatherings to foster community and reconnect with the Sacred.

— Our Core Values —

Intentionally Connecting to the Sacred

As divine human beings, our roots extend deep into the realm of the sacred. Life, however, has a way of disconnecting us from those roots, pulling us in too many directions and causing us to forget the ancient wisdom that is inherent in all of us. In our intentional and energetically supportive space, designed to be felt just as much as it is seen, we invite you to begin the journey and exploration of your divine self.

Creating a Seed to Soul Legacy

Seed to Soul is a focus on what we put into the earth, what we source from it, and how we celebrate its bounty in and on our bodies. By being resourceful, sharing knowledge, and creating awareness, we are giving back to the earth in meaningful ways and encouraging environmental responsibility throughout our community.

Curating Intimate Wonder

The Botanique is a space designed to evoke wonder on an intimate level. Perhaps you’ve felt it: a sense of awe that elicits a quiet thrill, a gasp, or a deep and visceral awareness. This is what our guests experience. It opens them up to what is possible, through discovering, through creating, through healing, and through the divine. This wonder lives in all of us. Our mission is to coax it, nurture it, and let it flourish.

Collaborating with Like-Minded Peers

We love to collaborate with coaches, teachers, healers, artists, musicians, and gardeners, The Botanique offers an energetically supportive place for them to work in their genius, explore their passions, and serve their purpose.


"Wellness is the art of healing before you're sick."

- Terri Guillemets


Living School Kitchen

Our beautifully curated kitchen is the perfect place to “finish” a meal for private experiences & gather trade secrets from our collaborations with local and international chefs.

Experience Evolved Epicure

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Traveling from I-25 take the eastbound exit onto Highway 14 (E. Mulberry.) A bit less than one mile east, you will turn left onto Camino Real into the Vista Bonita neighborhood. Take first right onto Orilla Del Lago and the Botanique will be on your right. Take the first right into the parking area.

Traveling North on County Rd 5 from Timnath. Turn left and head west on Highway 14. In 200 ft., take the first right onto Camino Real and into the Vista Bonita neighborhood). Take first right onto Orilla Del Lago and the Botanique will be on your right. Take the first right into the parking area.

Please be considerate of our neighbors and DO NOT park on the street or in front of other neighbor's properties.

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5100 E. Highway 14
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