Our Collaborations

The Botanique Fort Collins

Inspired by our collective background in infusions, aromatics, herbalism, botanicals, and nutrition we are certain of the healing power of plants and are committed to pure & sustainable ingredients. We take a holistic approach to health and beauty.

Our Philosophy

We believe in good.  We surround ourselves with harmony, luxury, and the fulfillment of Seed to Soul.  Our collaborations are genuine.  As our guests you will be surrounded by rich and lush gardens, florals that will make your breath in freshness, and a thoughtfully curated social area that allows you to soak in every moment.  Whether you are hosting a social tea, relaxing retreat, intimate gathering, to a lavish celebration the curated ambiance of nature will embrace you while you are our guest at The Botanique Fort Collins.

Social Responsibility


Our natural ingredients are sustainably and responsibly grown ourselves and sourced through organizations that support local farmers, agriculture around the world. Our glass bottles are recyclable, our tubes and cartons come from 100% post-consumer waste recycled fibers, and our labels are made of crushed rock. Everything that we pack, ship and print is made from recycled material, whenever possible.


We support groups who share our values, including the United Plant Savers and our farm collaboration with Sproutin' Up a local non-profit organization that supports health and wellness for North Colorado families.


We are a woman owned company housed in The Botanique Fort Collins & Viriditas Wellness Spa. We operate with a community collective of gardeners, healers, teachers, and creatives. We encourage a healthy work/life balance through our community and provide holistic health modalities to empower a commitment to well-being through teaching & practice.

Natural & Organic

We are stewards of our property.  At the Botanique Fort Collins & Ancient Wellness Spa we grow regional botanicals and herbs to harvest, infuse, & curate H2a Botanical wellness product to utilize in our healing modalities. H2a Botanicals product ingredients not found regionally, are sourced from organic and ethical companies that align with the protection and care of the environment. H2a Botanicals Blends go through a scrupulous process, from ingredient sourcing and formulation, to manufacturing and packaging.

Our Collaborations