“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead

The Botanique collaborates with people who are aligned with our values and mission. We believe that supporting one another and rising together gives us the strength and energy to create a ripple effect and impact our local and global communities.

The concept for The Botanique was inspired by the Eco Renaissance movement and the Living School experience, both of which advocate for a revolution of human consciousness within a framework of regeneration and connection. Within this beautiful estate, we practice and support the integration of our community through healing, the arts, and the stewardship of our land.

The Botanique is committed to the regeneration of self and the earth that supports us. Through Living School experiences, we share and teach the importance of what we put into the earth, what we source from it, and how we use what we cultivate in our daily practices and rituals.

We are building a legacy for the future generations through practices of spiritual connection, regeneration, and self-care by collaborating with the following organizations:

Sproutin’ Up is a youth-driven nonprofit that utilizes the grounds of The Botanique to teach gardening skills to youth farmers. In doing this, the organization equips young people to reach their full potential through a focus on education and careers, social-emotional competencies, and healthy living. Individuals and families are invited to reap the benefits as CSA members, and Sproutin’ Up farmers supply fresh produce through the growing season to local businesses in the area as well.

H2a Botanicals is a botanical skin care company housed within The Botanique. H2a collaborates with and sources many herbs and flowers from young Sproutin’ Up farmers for their skin care line and botanical services. Their mission is to create an awareness of rituals for In-to-Out beauty, with an emphasis on providing education around what we put into and on our bodies and how this is a key component in our overall wellness. H2a Botanicals infuses herbs and flowers into their eco skin care products for the purposes of beauty and ritual alike. The fresh herbs and flowers provided by the collaboration gardens are used in our signature services, allowing our guests to connect with the land while experiencing various healing modalities. This dedication, education and love, as well as the beautiful harvests from Sproutin’ Up, are significant parts of the Seed to Soul legacy and enhance our guests’ sense of wonder for the environment.

Emily Rose Floral Designs is a local full-service floral design business that prides itself on producing creative and memorable experiences for weddings and social affairs. Known for their passion, professionalism, and authenticity, they strive to deliver the unexpected wonder of florals to every client and event. Emily has collaborated with The Botanique to expand varieties of florals in our gardens. The two businesses share a deep love for regenerating the earth, and these local flowers provide supportive habitats in which bees can flourish. These florals are also sourced for Emily’s designs, as she is the preferred floral designer for The Botanique’s intimate experiences throughout the year.

This is the Seed to Soul legacy, and it’s a big part of why we do what we do. Education, cultivation, dedication, and love have all gone into the creation of the Botanique, and we’re honored to be putting the same energy back into our community.