The Botanique creates happenings that allows our community to experience the wonder of our venue and our core values without having to host your own.  Join us for any of our in-house curated experiences.

Below you will find descriptions of some the on going experiences we offer. Please check our calendar for these and other experiences!

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Singer Songwriter

Join us for and intimate evening of music and Story telling in our beautiful lounge with great acoustics! Get to know the story of the musician and the music and feel the energetic connection in the room. A truly unique venue where we curate intimate Wonder!

Wander in and have a cocktail or glass of wine and some small eats before settling into a seat to enjoy the show.

TICKET PRICE INCLUDES - 2 cocktails or wine, small eats and intimate story telling at its finest.

This event is held monthly. Check out our calendar to see who is playing and when. We have limited space available so we recommend getting tickets early.

Our next Singer Songwriter is April 19th with Erik Lunde.

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Sacred Sounds : Tibetan Bowl & Gong Sound Meditation

In this special ALL levels event participants will be guided through a series of seated listening and breathing techniques (designed for significantly reducing stress, more effectively managing negative emotional states, as well as developing higher levels of focus and self-awareness) followed by an extended Tibetan singing bowl & Gong Sound Meditation practice where you can simply lie back, settle into a quieter state of mind, and listen in an environment intended to support, strengthen, and cultivate our own inner sense of well-being.

How can a Sound Meditation practice benefit You?

- Dramatically reduces stress
- Improves quality of sleep
- Increases ability to focus & concentrate
- Improves memory & overall mental clarity
- Heightens creativity & imagination
- Develops a greater sense of self-awareness & willpower
- Reduces ineffective mental chatter & negative self-talk
- Helps build greater self-esteem & self-confidence
- Increases conscientiousness & compassion toward others
- Boosts the immune system & healing response
- Decreases symptoms of depression, anxiety, & ADHD

All Tibetan bowls are amplified by a stereo quality sound system to create the most immersive sound meditation experience for you possible!

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Evolved Epicure

Our mission of the Seed to Soul legacy is to create collaborations of like-minded people to commune, celebrate, honor, and connect with Mother Earth through stewardship, responsibility, curiosity, traditions, and ceremony. One of the most ancient and intimate ways we can connect with and honor our environment is, of course, to consume the food grown within it.

We are fortunate to work with local and global chefs who are deeply in touch with ancient methods of growing and preparing food. During the Evolved Epicure experience, you will discover an authentic relationship with the food you eat: where it comes from, how it is grown, and why it matters. Our guest chefs will help you transform your connection to your food and allow you to experience gratitude for the things you consume. Additionally, you will learn how to grow and harvest your own intentional and sustainable garden, as well as create fresh, vibrant meals that nourish and invigorate your body, regenerate our Mother Earth, and inspire lasting memories and traditions to share with those you love most.

Conscious Leadership Day

Wouldn't it be great to have a day of working ON your business, rather that IN your business? You don't want to miss out on this day!

Welcome to Conscious Leadership Day! Join us and like minded business owners, healers, coaches, authors... to disconnect from your daily grind and work on your business or book or project in a beautiful and energetically supportive space.

After a meet and greet and a cup of tea or coffee we will start our day with a mindful meditation to connect you to the sacred, your higher self, to help guide your day.

Then you can participate in a training and/or mastermind ~ depending on what is offered each month. These are usually geared toward growing and supporting your business and often have a personal growth element as well.

You may choose to work with one of the available healers for a short session. A great way to try a new medium of healing. Or you may just take the day to sit and work, meditate, read, whatever you have been waiting to find the time to do.

These are monthly opportunities to disconnect to the digital world and genuinely connect with yourself, others and the sacred.

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