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At the Botanique, we have prioritized creating an environment that can be felt, rather than just seen. Our Guests can sense right away that there is something different about us, which is exactly the kind of wonder we set out to create.

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and imagine their experience as they approach your experience at The Botanique. Upon first opening the door, they will find themselves overtaken by a sense of awe and reverence. The seed of wonder is planted with their first steps into our sanctuary - a seed that will grow and flourish throughout their time here, as they connect on a soulful level to your genius.

We invite like-minded organizations and businesses to build their legacy through intentional connection with their audience. The Botanique offers space and services for a wide variety of experiences, such as yoga classes, weekend retreats, and recurring monthly workshops. Our highly customizable venue makes us the perfect option for these types of events and more!

Whether you are in need of something as complex as a full estate with support staff and customized ticketing, or as simple as a few chairs in a thoughtfully designed room, the Botanique is prepared to meet all your needs.

If you are looking for a consciously curated and energetically supportive space for your next event, we’d love to hear from you!

For information on hosting an experience at The Botanique please inquire below.

Three levels of service to choose from...


Bare Bones Event
  • Botanique Staff
    (up to 60 min)
  • Calendar Listing
  • Social Media Listing
  • Water Provided


full-featured event
  • Botanique Staff
    (up to 120 min)
  • Calendar Listing
  • Social Media Listing
  • Water Provided
  • Room Set-up
  • Included in Newsletter
  • Email Marketing
  • Charging Station
  • We Clean Kitchen
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Flowers
  • Featured on Web Site
  • Flowers To Go
  • Seeded Paper Thank You
  • Client Appreciation Party
  • Fireplace Usage
  • Dishware/Kitchen Use
  • Photo Shoot/Estate
  • H2a Care Package

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