Ancient Wellness Treatments

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Ancient Wellness Treatments & Practices

Enjoy deep healing with half and full day immersive experiences.

Our healers will work with you to curate your experience and create balance and harmony in your life.



H2a Teas & Tincture

Experience tranquility and inspiration with yourself or a group. Explore the botanical gardens, enjoy the Lounge and sit down for tea service with intention and purpose.

In collaboration with Free Leaf, we have curated organically grown teas to uplift, relax and heal.

Add a therapeutic tinture to boost your immune, help with muscle recovery elevate your energy, boost your brain + more.

Curated teas and tinctures are available on

Ancient Ritual Baths & Showers

Luxuriate in the ancient ritual of healing soaks. Immerse yourself in our deep, hot baths and showers adorned with crystals, salts, oils & botanicals. Experience the elevated vibration of the water, supporting your detoxification and rejuvenation of body and soul.

Our baths are available for a minimum of 1 hour per session. Please feel free to enjoy for as long as you need.

Emerge with renewed and refreshed energy and vitality!