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Our mission is to bring intentional connection to the sacred, creation of a seed to soul legacy, curation of intimate wonder, and collaboration of community.

The Botanique was born from the magic of our connection to the land and our intimate environment. It is a sacred space of wellness and healing where you will find your inner and outer beauty from the integration of mind, body and soul. The Botanique offers a customized range of energy and beauty rituals to help release blockages, heal on deep levels, and support the entirety of your wellbeing. We truly believe that beauty goes beyond the surface of the skin. You feel this the moment you enter our doors. A feeling of wonder and intention energetically embracing you on your healing journey. You will feel the essence as your every need is looked after. Our herbs, flowers, therapeutic oils, teas and tinctures are customized from our in-house Apothecary and

sister company H2a Botanicals. We small batch and hand pick many of our botanicals seasonally from our regenerated gardens. The therapies you will experience here are provide by the finest professionals from Northern Colorado and around the world that
offer different therapeutic modalities and will serve you to discover a powerful connection to the sacred with our customized rituals for your wellbeing.

Connect – Energize- Heal – Regenerate

Botanical Rituals and Energy Healing
Lymphatic Flow & Detox Bath

with Kandi Arnold and Heather Goldstein

4 Hours / 490.00

A simplistic and uplifting treatment with sacred citrus essences, fresh flowers and herbs, and ancient therapies to release negative energy and detoxify your body.

Your ritual begins with a relaxing foot cleansing to set the tone, followed by a gentle lymphatic flow massage. This massage is accompanied by our botanically infused oils and will improve your lymphatic circulation to release fluid retention, bringing toxin release and a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. An ancient form of Egyptian cupping will be integrated into your treatment, to help your body release pain and inflammation and enter a state of healing. Finish in a beautifully designed private chamber with curated tea and a detox bath, which will support the release of toxins, soften the skin, and provide you with a flow of healing energy.


Crystal, Clay, & Cacao Body Treatment

with Kandi Arnold

4 Hours / 490.00

A balancing exfoliation treatment using a combination of therapeutic oils, crystals, sacred herbs, and cacao chosen specifically for you and your energy. This ritual promotes healing for all levels of your mind, body, and spirit, aligning you with the frequency of divine love. 

You will begin with a custom botanical oil foot cleansing to induce deep relaxation. A dry brushing technique will prepare your skin for cell rejuvenation during your clay and cacao wrap. In addition to healing infusion of the skin, you will receive cranial sacral massage, intuitive touch, and crystal healing to cleanse your energetic body. Your ritual will continue in your private botanical shower room, where you will rinse away dead cells and limiting thoughts in order to connect with the highest manifestation of loving energy. Finish with a sipping cacao to benefit from its powerful antioxidants to support your body’s healing and connect with your inner peace.

Gemstone Facial & Energetic Opening

with Kandi Arnold

4hours/ 490.00

A decadent treatment combining physical and ethereal healing modalities to align your cellular processes and your energetic body. The facial will regenerate your skin, and the energetic opening will shed toxic or negative energies from your body and your spirit.

A sacred foot cleansing will induce deep relaxation at the beginning of your ritual. Throughout the treatment, your therapist will use gemstones, copper wands, silk pods, and botanically infused steam, ensuring your skin receives an abundance of vitamins and minerals for a supple, healthy glow. A custom combination of therapeutic skin care products, along with the use of mantra, will leave you and your skin feeling nourished and invigorated. Finish with a curated herbal tea in our private botanical setting, soaking up the wonder.

Energetic Alignment & Sacred Bath

with Deb Kennison & Heather Goldstein

4 hours/ 525.00

A unique energy healing curated to enable the clearing and healing of the body’s chakra and auric system. The practices of Reiki and sacred bath are used in conjunction to bring about deep relaxation and energetic alignment.

Your journey begins with the Japanese healing modality of Reiki to clear, open, and balance your chakras. A guided meditation will lead you through the process of releasing physical and emotional energy that is no longer serving you, allowing you to rise to optimal wellness. The ensuing ritual of sacred bath includes copal smudging to connect to the divine and promote chakra alignment, healing waters collected from around the world, tea containing sacred herbs seasonally handpicked from our gardens, custom botanical oils, and crystals specifically chosen for your personal healing path. Prayers or chants will be used to connect with intuition, cleanse your energy, and purify the auric channel. You will then be left to soak in our beautiful tub, witnessing the healing taking place in your mind, body, and spirit and emerging euphoric and energetically empowered. An Ayurvedic meal will be prepared for you, so that you may nourish yourself in your private chamber with clean food and curated tea, then enjoy time for journaling, napping, and recognizing all the areas of your well-being.

Vibrational Sound Healing & Cranial Sacral Massage

with Johnathan DeLeon

4 hours/400.00

A powerful restorative ritual to bring about optimal healing, wellness, and energetic revival. The two modalities of sound healing and cranial sacral massage are combined for dramatic renewal at the cellular level.

Cranial sacral massage will be used to begin your treatment, incorporating therapeutic oils designed to heighten your experience and guided breath work to lead you into a peaceful state. The ritual of sound healing will follow. Relax and receive the healing power of gongs, Tibetan bowls, and other various sounds, allowing the vibration to restore a sense of balance and harmony. These specific sounds reinforce healing, dissolve old patterns of stress and anxiety, expand your awareness of acceptance and peace, and have even been known to bring about an ascension of consciousness. Finish with a cup of warm herbal tea, a reflection on your experience with Johnathan, and a recording of your sound healing to take home and listen to as desired.


Energy Medicine & Intuitive Spiritual Guidance

with Terese Shanley

4 hours/ 550.00

Take your healing journey to the next level and enjoy heightened clarity, support, and navigation with this impactful treatment, designed to bring about the release of any emotional or physical blocks standing in your path to wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. Your intuitive guidance session will help you identify these blocks through the discovery of your balanced health map, which is your personal path to integrated healing and wellness. You will then experience the power of energy medicine through a combination of hands-on intuitive energy work and custom botanical oils curated for your treatment. Through this connection to the divine, the energy life force that runs through your chakras, meridians, and nadis will be awakened, further dissolving your blocks through positive energy, light, color, and breath. You will leave balanced, connected, and fully supported on your path to wholeness.

Akashic Radiance Healing, Nidra & Aryuvedic Epicure

with Adriana Pickering

3 hours/490.00

Your Akashic Record is the history of your soul’s journey through the universe, and accessing it can give you helpful information about your life, circumstances, and blocks. As your session begins, you will be prompted to ask questions, and through a guided reading, the information you are meant to receive will be revealed to you. This information may be very specific or more general, depending on your situation. Previous guests have received wisdom in the form of instructions around healing trauma, releasing negativity, and regaining divine balance, and many experience a profound sense of transformation. After your reading, your spiritual coach will lead you through a Yoga Nidra practice, also known as “the sleep of the yogi,” in order to create a space for quiet reflection as you let the wisdom from your Akashic reading permeate all aspects of your being. Your experience will finish with a light Ayurvedic meal to support your healing process and further your integration between mind, body, and spirit. 


Puja Ceremony

with Adrianna Pickering

2 hours/ $750 for individual or group up to 15

Puja is the act of showing reverence to God, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. An essential part of puja is making a spiritual connection with the divine. Most often that contact is facilitated through an object: an element of nature, a sculpture, a vessel, or a painting. It is a focal point for honoring and communicating with the divine. The intention is to be brought to the energy of the divine mother and love energy. The focus and intention to the honoring of the divine mother helps to destroy obstacles that we set in our own way, open to the abundance of divine love, receiving compassion for our journey and lessons, and guidance of clarity for our individual life force.This is a transformational ceremony intended to bless and connect with frequencies of love and awareness. All guides, materials and provisions provided.

Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Guide
4 hours/ $700 for individual or group up to 15

Cacao is a ancient herbal medicine that guides and connects us to our higher selves, provides mental clarity, re-balances our inner male and female energies and embraces our sacred connection.Cacao has been used in ancient ceremonies by South Americans (the Maya) for thousands of years. It has an active ingredient in it called theobromine — which can be translated to, ‘Food of the Gods’. So it makes sense that cacao was given its sacred status, and enjoyed in communal ceremonies. The word cacao actually came from theMaya word Ka’kau, and the Maya word Chokola’j — which means to drink chocolate together. The cacao plant is seen as a medicinal plant, and has been used for a number of spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes throughout time.Healing Cacao is rich with emotional and spiritual benefits that have been apart of ancient cultures it to open and heal. Commune with us to open your heart and intentionally connect to your sacred self in a place of wonder and safety.

All guides, materials and provisions provided.

Our mission of the seed to soul legacy is to create collaborations of like minded people to commune and connect with Mother Earth through stewardship, responsibility, curiosity, traditions, and ceremony.

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